Why should you kick-start Export - Import Biz?

Both export and import has equal opportunities provided we choose the sector that we are passionate about.

Better Profits / Margins

We see a better margins when compared to local trades. In International trade, you could also expect incentives from the Government of India.


An excellent setback for anybody who are willing to get rid of paying all taxes in local markets. In exports, there is NO taxes applicable provided the Ministry gives the intimation time to time for certain restricted products where we are liable to pay taxes and get the refund of the same.

Payment Security

Your payments are secured here, the Ministry of Commerce comes in place to fight out for your cases in case of defaulters.

Export Incentives

Ah! It's an immense feeling when you get paid (As an incentive) through government for your business. Yes, in exports through customs the incentives are given to the exporters as a rebate; as you have got the Foreign Currency to our country.

To showcase our culture

Integrity to other countries through unique product categories.

Explore new markets and travel destinations

Opportunity to grab the knowledge of supply and demand gap in various other countries, study the market insights by making a visit to various destinations.

Would you like to represent us in your city?

Become a counselor / market leader with us.

Latest news

In order to keep you updated, we have created an exclusive group at Facebook for the end-to-end latest news on EXIM trade.