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A GUIDE for all the start-ups / Beginners to leran how to start Export / Import business from the

Entrepreneurs, Startups, Traders, Manufacturers, Working Professionals and Women Entrepreneurs. Anybody who feels they wanna grow globally can START OFF Easily! The BEAUTY of Exports and Imports business is that people from any sector / Commodity / Industry CAN start EXPORT OR IMPORT Business unlike other businesses where you stick to your boundaries and can’t jump to other!

Before you start Export / Import business take a note of the following :
1. Learning the basics of Exim is mandatory – In terms of Rules and Regulations, Payment terms, Quotation, INCO terms, Shipping, Logistics, Documentation, etc.
2. Once the Basics are cleared, take a look on Product Selection:
– Low investment
– Better profits and less risk
– Consistent Business should be preferred over seasonal products
3. Market selection: Should be understood by the Demand and Supply gap in the markets. it’s a key to know how to pitch your goods to the global markets considering Competition and Competitor.
4. Generate leads: It’s a tricky part for any business! Here in Export and Import Business; government gives you support to pitch your goods to other countries, schemes like MAI, MDI has helped many aspiring entrepreneurs. To generate leads do attend
International trade fairs, trade exhibitions, Buyer – seller meets, delegations.
5. After generating the leads find out the credibility of your buyer.
6. Understand the rules and regulations put up at DGFT of your product(s), and then visit frequently to know the time – to – time notifications.
7. Connect with your shipping agent, CHA to coordinate and consolidate your shipments.


  1. Low Investment ( The only Commodity which you can fill the whole container with lowest investment
  2. Decent Margins – This is Fluctuating Market , So yes Its just like a Lucky draw at some point of time.
  3. Good Commodity for the startups to learn in reality.
  4. Fastest moving Product .
  5. Huge scope in Asian Continent.
  6. Demand throughout the year
  7. No Season Barrier.

Nashik (Maharashtra) – Vani , Pimpalgoan , Lasalgoan , umrana etc This is Worlds Best & Accepted Quality in the international. But why ? This are Oval shaped , Red in Color , Good taste , and can stay for a Longer time ( If anyone wants to store it or stock it) .
Bellary ( Karnataka ) – Comparatively this are Pink onions has a Good market in Malaysia . If Quality Onions Found can be exported .
Gujarat – White Onions are exported to European Countries like Netherlands , Republic of Czech etc.
Rajasthan – This are typically for both local and Export i can say not all Produce can be exported , as it is light red in color.
Percentage wise Market share in exports – 40% from Maharashtra , 30% Karnataka , Remaining from Gujarat & Rajasthan.

We have Red onions , White Onions & Golden onions been Exported from India .
Dubai , Sri Lanka , Malaysia , Singapore are the highest importers of Onions from India . Apart from Sri Lanka , One season some onions are grown in their land the other three countries typically import onions .
Apart from the above countries we also export to Philippines , Thailand , Vietnam , Turkey , Egypt , Bangladesh , Nepal etc – This are the markets on the basis of the Demand & Supply They import from India .
European Countries – They accept it as Dehydrated onions , Cut onions , Frozen Onions ( We call it as Value added Products ) Country like – Netherlands , Republic of Czech , Germany , Poland etc.

It is a Highly perishable goods , So it should be handled with care.
What should a Exporter take into consideration ?

  1. Procurement ( VERY VERY Important ) – You cant load container of onions sitting right back from your sofa & transferring the funds . You have to be on ground.
  2. Transportation – Extreme care has to be taken in Monsoon & winter seasons .
  3. International Shipping – Make sure you get a right CHA & Shipping company to handle this , Otherwise your Shipping company woudnt be able to ship in the prescribed schedule as they lack experience . For Eg. If your ship is Sailing on sunday the cut off would be on Friday , Friday Morning the Goods should be given to your Shipping company ( If he is asking the goods 3 or more days before the sailing day, he is a Fishy Shipping company ).Get the Quotation & container booking , as the chances are there due to the demand the prices also fluctuates .
  4. Payments – Theoretically – People seek Credit in this trade Because most of the exporters are already doing this trade on Credit from long time. Technically – Importer doesnt Come Forward to give advance or L/C As the importer is also Investing almost the same amount to get the container out , so mostly importers dont Give L/c / Advance.
  5. Since its a Very Common Product , There is lot of Competition , But still there is Huge Demand in the market .
  6. You have to see and plan the shipment very seriously as CHLTA H Attitude doesn’t work here . If you are planning to ship it next week , keep your plans ready to travel well in advance . 

I can proudly say that we don’t have strong opposition on this product unlike other products . We are very strong on this on the taste , aroma . Other countries which produce onions are China , Egypt , Pakistan even they export and it is just the game of Demand and supply.

Many have to understand the reality here that , You may have sent Good stuff , But at the end of the day Buyer pays for what he has seen / got . So the Bad Quality & Depreciation in the markets Makes the importer to think about Defaulting . Nobody is Born ” FRAUD ” Its the situation Which enables them for that act.

This is a Volume Business , People who wants Good Turnover & Decent Margins can turn their eyes in this trade😀😅😎


  1. Its Not cheap , LOL!
  2. A Good way to start practically from sourcing to Getting payments for a start.
  3. Kuch Paane ke liye Kuch khona bhi Padta h ( Choice is yours ) 😆😅😁
  4. A Good sum of Money is Achieved if you see the market and then send . ( Blindly sending containers every week doesnt work and you will be bankrupted very soon )
  5. Don’t send the containers to everyone you see in fb ( I am a Victim Once ) , Check the credibility & move in .
  6. If you aren’t sure , Get a Expert for your Company ( Save your Money & Time ) . Implementing things is better than Education ( Sometimes 😎😎😎).

Hope this article has helped you understand how to start Onions exports from the scratch !!!